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Advent literally means “arrival”. We celebrate that Jesus came, we look forward to Jesus’ return, and we cultivate longing & anticipation of our arrival with Him. To complement our sermon series as we look to Jesus’ arrival in the book of Hebrews, spend time in your home looking to Jesus through these devotionals each week. Below, you’ll find PDFs that you can print in a booklet format as well as audio recordings if you desire to sing along with our musicians.

Worship the Lord with your family, in your home, as you share this with friends. Look to him with longing, rejoice in his arrival, and anticipate his return!

Week 1 | Sunday, November 29 - Saturday, December 5

Week 2 | Sunday, December 6 - Saturday, December 12

Week 3 | Sunday, December 13 - Saturday, December 19

Week 4 | Sunday, December 20 - Saturday, December 26

Week 4 Printable PDF

“Comfort, Comfort, Ye My People”

Our mission is to proclaim Christ to all and present everyone mature in Him, seeking the reformation and restoration of the Church, the Community, and the World for God’s glory.

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