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Monthly seminars to equip you with a Christian worldview that is thoroughly biblical, robustly theological, and intentionally practical, enabling you to navigate personal, relational, and cultural matters.

EQUIP Podcast Playlist

Note: Some EQUIP seminars are not recorded and/or posted to our podcast playlist.

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The Millennial Reign of Christ

Pastor Jim Powell & Mark Hecht teach and discuss Jesus’ millennial reign (Revelation 20:1-10), his kingdom, and our eschatology – and how these affect our lives today. The first portion is teaching from Pastor Jim as he gives the “lay of the land,” followed by a dialogue where Mark and Jim discuss the practical import of these theological truths. Finally, we open it up to Q&A from folks in attendance. PDF Notes | PPT | Chart

12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You

Pastoral Intern AJ Babel summarizes and complements 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing You (Tony Reinke). Are our smartphones & our social media habits tools that we steward in loving God, loving our neighbors, and fulfilling the mission He has given us? Or do they distract and lure us away?

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Love Thy Body

Pastor Bill Leuzinger summarizes Love Thy Body, a book by Nancy Pearcey that discusses our view of our bodies. Much of our cultural thinking has separated who someone is as a person from their physical body so that biology is irrelevant. Pearcey outlines this way of thinking, contrasts it with a biblical as well as biological perspective, and then applies this to 6 key areas.

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We Are All Philosophers

Dustin Clark summarizes We Are All Philosophers, a book by John Frame that gives a Christian perspective on 7 key philosophical questions. Q&A/audience interaction is scattered throughout, some of which may be difficult to hear on the audio.

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Understanding & Encountering Islam

Clinton Ross compares the teaching of Islam with Christianity along the lines of ‘the big 3 questions’ as he spurs us on to love and minister to our Muslim neighbors.

*The audio feed cut out around the 12-minute mark. We have deleted that silent section.

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A Sketch of Old Testament History

AJ Babel gives a historical and theological overview of the Old Testament.

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Our mission is to proclaim Christ to all and present everyone mature in Him, seeking the reformation and restoration of the Church, the Community, and the World for God’s glory.

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